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I am Francisco Fernández Madero, a plastic artist from Buenos Aires. I currently live and have my workshop in Barcelona. From a very young age I was passionate about drawing and painting, the sensation of creating, experimenting. Despite that, I studied Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, where I somehow continued to be linked to the artistic world. After a few years of experience, my vocation for plastic art was stronger than me, leading me to jump into that creative world.


I took courses and workshops in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Hamburg, such as the Escola Da Vinci, the Kunsthalle Schule and the Barcelona Academy of Art. I am inspired by the works of the great Renaissance masters and the sensitivity with which the Impressionists convey reality.



I believe that my experiences in different countries and cultures, and the complement with my professional career linked to art, have led me to have a broader spectrum when developing my creative process. I want to immerse myself in the depths of that world, explore its sensations and capture them through my art. From there the possibilities are endless.

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